£179.00 £159.00 inc VAT

Price unit only £159. Unit + 2.5AH battery and Standard charger £297.00

STIGA 48V Powerpack – one battery multiple tools

This SC 48 AE Chainsaw is powered by either a 2.5Ah or 5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Highly efficient brushless motor

35cm (14″) Oregon bar & chain

Manual chain brake

Side screw tensioning

Automatic chain lubrication system

Battery and charger not included


The STIGA SC 48 AE 48V Powerpack battery-powered Chainsaw is a revolution in home woodcutting. Powerful, lightweight and efficient, it makes easy work of jobs around the garden.

Forget the hassle of mixing fuels, refilling the tank, fumes and starting problems of a petrol model – this machine is simplicity itself.

Its class-leading 48V Lithium-Ion battery powers a highly efficient brushless motor. You’ll get energy and cost savings from this intelligent power-saving technology.

Using the saw is as simple as pushing the start button and holding the drive trigger. With the recommended 5Ah battery, you’ll get up to an impressive 40 minutes run time, equal to 150 cuts through 4-inch logs.

The Oregon chain and bar can be simply adjusted. The chain is automatically lubricated from the oil reservoir.

The chainsaw has all the safety features you’d expect and at just 4kg when fitted with the 5Ah battery it’s lightweight too, making it ideal for all users.

The reduced noise and fumes, incredible convenience, low cost and market-leading rechargeable 48V battery pack single out this chainsaw as a leader in its field.


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