Pellenc Rasion Easy Self Propelled Mower

£1,918.80 £1,726.92 inc VAT

Zero turn, compact and lightweight, No petrol, no fumes, no refilling. Low vibration, low noise. Please view our ‘How To Buy’ page for delivery and payment information.


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The variable speed model of this professional range of mowers surprises by its design as much as by its technicality. It is the lightest professional mower in its class, has a cutting width of 60 cm and is equipped with a double blade. RASION EASY was developed with the sole aim of improving the working conditions of its users.


  • Power of 960W.
  • Up to 3,600 m² of maintenance mowing with one ULiB 1100 battery.
  • Electronic speed setting of the blades from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm.
  • Electronic adjustment of the cutting height: 25 mm to 75 mm.
  • Cutting width: 60 cm.
  • Synchronised dual blades.
  • Even mowing with no wheel traces on the ground.
  • 70 L capacity of the collection box, namely, more than 10 kg of finely cut grass.
  • Automatic jam clearing.
  • Sealing level of IP54.


  • New, high efficiency motor of 93 % for reduced energy consumption
  • Dual blade technology for finer cutting and more compacting of the grass in the collection box
  • Can be transported in a small vehicle
  • 30 % higher cutting yield in comparison with a conventional battery mowers


  • Weighs less than 30 kg
  • Automatic adjustment of the travel speed
  • Perfect handling thanks to its weight and its two front swivel wheels
  • The vertical position, with the folded handlebar, facilitates transport and optimises space when stored
  • The Zero Turn function made possible with the two front swivel wheels allowing the mower to turn freely and effortlessly
  • Safe cleaning position
  • LCD control for all functions
  • Single arm handlebar for easy access to the box


  • It produces less noise so you can work close to business and residential areas at any time.
  • No management or consumption of fuel.
  • No C0²
  • Made from recyclable materials.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses the ULiB 1100 and 700 batteries



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