Etesia MBE Donky Battery Powered MP Barrow

£4,434.00 inc VAT

Etesia MBE Donky. Battery powered multi purpose barrow with built in 85 litre water storage. Accessories available at extra cost.


New Etesia Donky Electric Wheel Barrow

The new Etesia Donky electric wheelbarrow makes site work a lot easier. No more relying on the strength of your arms alone for moving heavy loads. No more noise, polluting fumes and the need to buy fuel for motorised wheelbarrows.

The Donky is not just comfortable, environmentally friendly and silent, it is also a true tool carrier; with its exclusive MRM tray and accessories, it will help you in a large variety of jobs throughout the year from cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, transportation of liquids, work platforms etc.

Environmentally Friendly

The Etesia Donky electric wheel barrow is 100% electric meaning that it does not emit any harmful pollutants, unlike non-electric motorised wheelbarrows – helping to protect the environment.


The Etesia Donky works and moves in complete silence. It does not create any noise problems for users or the surroundings.

Cost Effective

The hourly cost of use of an Etesia Donky wheelbarrow is approximately £0.03 depending on its use.


The Etesia Donky electric wheelbarrow will allow you to move up to 250 kg or 180 L (400L with the boards) in one trip; emptying is assisted by a central lever. With a tank integrated in the tray and a 1″ valve, it can carry 85 L of water or liquid and a spray hose can be connected to it.

The Etesia Donky allows the transport of bulky products (boards, cross member, closing fabric and reel), a working surface at a suitable height and a tray emptying function. That is achieved by a central lever, with unlocking and assistance.


Its powerful 1700 W engine, electronic advance management and 2 driving wheels with an agricultural profile give it an impressive capacity to move in difficult terrain
Its power life varies between a day or two of work, depending on the conditions.


Lateral boards, a driving platform, a moss remover and a snow blade complete the equipement of this versatile machine.

The Etesia Donky electric wheebarrow can be used in many areas including building and landscaping sites, breeding farms, transport activities, snow clearing, green space maintenance, vegetable farming, plant nurseries etc.


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