Why we only sell petrol powered products in store. Collected or delivered locally.

We started selling petrol powered garden machinery in 1966. The brands we featured included Danarm Chainsaws from Stroud, Gloucestershire, Atco, Suffolk and Qualcast lawnmowers made in England. In 1968 we acquired a dealership for Hayter which were manufactured in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.  All the lawnmowers were delivered unwrapped and stacked in their own transport. We produced minimal waste cardboard and wrapping. Every machine was finally assembled, fuelled and tested before hand over to the customer. Often the machinery required some adjustment by the workshop to ensure the best performance.

Fifty four years later, we still assemble, fuel and test each machine before handover. Do you know we still have to make adjustments to ensure the best performance.

We occasionally service customers machinery purchased on-line. Often customers will telephone to tell us that the serviced machine has never performed as well. This is because they were not set up properly before sale by the on-line suppliers.

Very few of the major garden machinery brands are manufactured in the UK. When you supply equipment all over the world they have to be securely packed using a huge amount of cardboard, polystyrene and plastic. Not much of this can be recycled and contributes greatly to our refuse mountain.

There is a price to pay for global trading, but it appears that we are unwilling to pay for locally produced products. I have purchased a number of iphones over the years. the latest was supplied in a box measuring 16cm x 9cm x 6cm and yet the phone easily fits in my shirt pocket. Can you imagine the size of the carton for a lawnmower?

OK I am a 77 year old ‘dinosaur’ so many of you will have a different perspective. I would love to hear from you.

Best regards

Elwyn Thomas, (Co-founder of the original business A S Thomas & Sons) wii iso download sites

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